Automotive Venture Accelerator Program

Have a startup that’s solving a problem in Automotive?

We can help you scale.


Comprised solely of top-performing career automotive industry executives, technology subject matter experts, recognized industry evangelists, and senior advisors – access to the motormindz network of 120+ Automotive Professionals provides unmatched strategic insights as well as a direct path to key decision-makers – and can drive significantly increase industry adoption of your solution.

Insider Industry Knowledge

Since our network executives and technology SMEs have direct relationships with all of the key industry decision-makers you’ll be pitching, they can provide insider knowledge and unique insights on your product & roadmap, your positioning and sales strategies, and selection of your sales targets to help you drive adoption quickly and successfully.

Strategic & Operational Leverage

Our unrivaled network contains executives, experts, advisors, and entrepreneurs that have successfully founded, built, and managed businesses at every scale and in every corner of the industry – which gives us key on-the-ground operational leverage and practical insights that you can’t access anywhere else – which helps you avoid pitfalls and focus only on the things that will help your business grow.

Scale Through Proprietary Access

Our direct relationships are our core value, and they’re exactly how we keep our finger on the pulse of key industry challenges. Once you’ve graduated from the first stage of our program, we’ll help you successfully navigate the automotive industry through these relationships to become a certified, fully-adopted, and proven solution for OEMs, suppliers, and dealerships.

Highly-Leveraged ROI and Maximized Enterprise Value

By leveraging our access and knowledge of OEM programs, we save you time in getting certified. Our significant strategic experience allows to advise and position you for the most rapid adoption. And, our model creates an acceleration of the adoption curve – resulting in you reaching break-even revenue more quickly, and moving into  EBITDA growth sooner. All of these levers together typically result in 10-20x enterprise value growth for your business over the initial term of our engagement.







The Benefits of Registration

Once you register your interest, we’ll reach out to set up our initial consultation. Through the process, key industry advisors from our network will meet with you and your leadership team to discuss your company and give you relevant, expert feedback on your current business, product, and model – and to discuss how we would engage to help you best position and scale your business to ensure that, if accepted, you graduate from the program with the highest enterprise value possible.

Due to COVID-19, the 2021 Automotive Venture Accelerator Program will be conducted completely remotely.

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